Liav Koren // artisanal electrons/handcrafted pixels.

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Liav Koren is a Toronto based designer and researcher. After studying urbanism, math and art at York University he completed the masters of architecture program at the University of Toronto, graduating in 2007. Shortly after graduating he took control of Dorkbot Toronto, organizing a successful series of artist talks from emerging, mid-career and senior Canadian and international artist. After working for several award-winning architectural firms, Liav found himself drawn into the world of embedded hardware, electronics and interaction, via a stint at Philip Beesley Architect. Following that in 2011, he took a position as R&D Lead at Panda Robotics, a local tech-start-up moving into the 3D printing market. While Liav had been working with RepRaps and open-source 3D printing since 2008, this represented a major shift, bringing him solidly into the world of Industrial/Product Design, project management and start-up culture. He finds it neat.

In his spare time Liav enjoy pestering his cat, girlfriend and acquaintances. He is also an avid consumer of podcasts, high quality textbooks and microbrew.

Oddly distorted photo of Liav Koren. Is he a ghost? Probably not.